MPO 4Driving:
For driving and similar application situations

Bright sunlight, fog, wet road surfaces, etc. make many a trip very tiring. Concentration can wane, the safety risk increases. The special ophthalmic lenses for car driving adapt to the light conditions or increase contrast. So that you are out and about with greater comfort and safety.

MPO Touring

Do you feel dazzled when driving in the evenings or at night and your vision is severely impaired?

Then MPO Touring ophthalmic lenses are the perfect solution for you. They guarantee you contrast-rich, sharp vision with low dazzle. With an extremely broad field of vision in the distance and intermediate range, you can even estimate distances better. Experience a relaxed and safe feeling on your car journeys!

Do you find driving at dusk, in darkness or in fog stressful and do you feel unsafe?

Then MPO Touring Night-Sight ophthalmic lenses are the right companions for you. A contrast-enhancing effect makes it possible for you to perceive objects better in difficult sight conditions such as at night or in fog. Concentrate for longer when driving and arrive at your destination safely!

Is your vision restricted when you drive into a dark tunnel and drive out into the bright sunshine?

So that you feel safe nevertheless, you will like MPO Touring Transitions® XTRActive™ ophthalmic lenses straight away. These ophthalmic lenses automatically self-tint and do not have to be changed. You are thus well equipped even during your leisure activities. Clear vision with rapidly changing light conditions give you a feeling of safety and freedom when driving and during your leisure activities.

Do you find it difficult to recognise objects due to unpleasant reflections from reflecting surfaces? 

Then try MPO Touring Pola-Sight ophthalmic lenses. You are thus not blinded when the sun is low. Also with many outdoor activities such as sailing, climbing, hiking or mountain biking, your vision is not restricted by reflections from reflecting surfaces. With MPO Touring Pola-Sight ophthalmic lenses, contrasts are clearly discernible. They facilitate relaxed, dazzle-free vision without tiring your eyes.

Are rapidly changing light conditions, bright sunlight or the mirroring of rain-slicked road surfaces particularly tiring on your eyes when you are driving?

Drivewear® sunglasses lenses automatically adapt to changing light intensities. This guarantees outstanding protection from the sun, enhanced contrast and minimum dazzle.

  • Optimum vision and perfect contrast in any weather
  • No dazzle
  • If the light conditions change, the spectacles do not have to be changed
  • Increased security when driving a car
  • 100% UV protection

With Drivewear®: increased contrast, no reflection, no dazzle.

Cloudy sky
With Drivewear®: increased contrast, no reflection (e.g. of wet road).

Bright sunlight
With Drivewear®: enhanced contrast, no reflection, minimum dazzle despite intensive sunlight.

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