MPO 4All:
For everyday use

Fhese lenses can be used for everything: as all-round lenses, they are the ideal choice if you do not have any special requirement with regard to their usage.

Close-up and spatial distance

Do you require the right ophthalmic lens at the workplace and when doing your hobbies, e.g. drawing, cooking or when doing diy? with mpo close-up and spatial distance ophthalmic lenses, we precisely address your special vision requirements in everyday working life and in your leisure time. the burden on your eyes is alleviated, you can concentrate for longer and digital visual stress is reduced. in addition, our ophthalmic lenses ensure relaxed and clear vision with natural body posture.

  • MPO @Work
  • MPO Distance

Progressive vision:

With progressive lens, you have sharp, stepless vision in all distances. the close-up, intermediate and long-distance ranges merge seamlessly with one another. your mpo progressive lens can be precisely customised to you with the latest technologies and thus become the ideal companion in all life situations.

  • MPO Life
  • MPO s-Life
  • MPO Dynamic
  • MPO s-Dynamic
  • MPO Easy

Single-vision lenses

When small print becomes blurred or items that are far away appear unfocused, reading or distance glasses can help. mpo single-vision lenses guarantee pin-sharp vision up to the edge of the lens. have them adapted individually to your requirements and enjoy maximum comfort of vision.

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses are the classic variant for sharp vision at two distances. spectacles wearers who require a large distance area as well as a very large close-up area during their everyday activities will find the perfect solution in the classic multifocal lens.

  • MPO BifocalORG
  • MPO BifocalMIN
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