MPO 4Digital:
For modern vision

MPO 4digital incorporates the new family of digital lenses from mpo which are optimised for the use of digital devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in the close-up range. a blue light filter which is already integrated in the base material to protect the eyes is a standard feature here.

We have a new world in our sights

Working, shopping, bank transactions, contacting friends, looking at films and photos – a large part of our day-to-day activities is played out today on screens. in other words: we are ever more frequently, and for an ever longer time, placing our main focus of attention on a brightly lit display in our direct vicinity. currently, the figure is already around seven hours a day, and the trend is rising. the trend towards working from home and virtual meetings is also accelerating this development. excessive close-up work, high-energy light and disruptive dazzle effects are resulting in digital visual stress which can have unpleasant consequences.

  • Headache mpo single-vision lenses
  • Stinging and dry eyes
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Tiredness, problems in falling asleep

Against harmful light content

  • Blue light filter integrated in the base lens.- BLC®
  • Depending on the index strength, filters up to 70% of the high-energy light
  • Enhances contrast

For improved focusing

  • Single-vision lenses with special close-up booster
  • Progressive lenses with optimised ranges of vision
  • Office lenses with freely selectable vision distances

Premium finish to combat disturbing dazzle

  • Recommended: Clear+, optionally also Protect
  • Super anti-reflection on both sides for clearer vision
  • Extremely low residual reflection in aesthetic colour

Simply smart:
MPO Digitalgläser im Überblick

Progressive vision:

MPO Life Digital / MPO s-Life Digital
The best progressive lens for the digital age, designed according to innovative technologies, with the latest insights from neurology and ideal positioning of the close-up range, fully individualised or partially individualised as s-Life.

MPO Dynamic Digital / MPO s-Dynamic Digital
For dynamic, modern vision in the digital world. High comfort of vision and outstanding depiction characteristics. Fully individualised or partially individualised as s-Dynamic.

Single-vision lenses

MPO Mono Relax 2.0 Digital
With integrated close-up range booster for optimised vision and more relaxed focusing in close-up distances – ideal for the smartphone

MPO Mono Digital
High comfort of vision and sharp vision up to the edge of the lens, suitable for all types of digital usage.

Close-up and spatial distance

MPO @Work Digital
Designed for work or leisure activities with substantial digital usage. Available with three selectable primary ranges of vision:

  • 90 cm specially for pure desktop computer work
  • 2 m for screen work with contact to individual customers, e.g. in consulting, doctor's practices, bank counters and also for hobbies (handicrafts, cooking,...)
  • 4 m if the activity requires frequent movements of vision between the screen and e.g. several discussion partners in meetings
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