Cleaning & care:
The right care

With a few little tricks, you have perfect vision through your ophthalmic lenses for longer. Despite every care, it sometimes happens that scratches occur in the ophthalmic lens. Damaged ophthalmic lenses should at any rate be replaced as the eyes try to compensate for the fault. This can lead to eye pain and headaches.

Proper cleaning

Always clean your spectacles with a clean microfibre cloth, e.g. with the mpo® spectacles cleaning cloth. tissues or clothing are not suitable as they can leave behind micro scratches or streaks. the ophthalmic lens would become matt.
You can also rinse your spectacles off with running water. Please also use a micro fibre cloth for drying.
Also think about a good finish. Finishes make the ophthalmic lens water, oil and dust-repellent and thus make it easier for you to clean your ophthalmic lenses.

Avoid high temperatures

Do not leave your spectacles lying in direct sun in the summer and avoid sources of heat of more than 60° (e.g. sauna, heating, car) and sources of cold. In high temperatures, the ophthalmic lens and the finish layers can expand to differing degrees. Major fluctuations in temperature can also have a negative effect on the ophthalmic lens. This can result in cracks in the lens surface.

Keep in the case

Always keep your spectacles in a case. When you put your spectacles down, please ensure that they are not lying with the lenses facing downwards. You thus avoid scratches and damage to the lens surface.

Ultrasound cleaning

In the event of heavy contamination, have your lenses cleaned by your optician using ultrasound cleaning. It is generally recommended that you have the ultrasound cleaning done once a year.

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