Balanced Light Control®:
Protection and comfort of vision in the digital world

Digital media have become a permanent companion and thus also the blue light that is emitted from screens. If there is overload, the sensitive cells of the retina can be damaged. Ophthalmic lenses with Balanced Light Control® (BLC®) protect the eyes from excessive, harmful blue light. You can thus also move freely in the increasingly digital world.

Protection and comfort of vision in the digital world

We e-mail, google, skype, whatsapp and zap every day, often over several hours. The digital media have become our permanent companions and often determine our working life and our leisure time. We are spending an increasing amount of time in front of screens.

So that we can also move safely and freely in the increasingly digital world, we require new technologies that protect our eyes. The Balanced Light Control® (BLC®) absorbs up to 40% of the blue light. The eyes are thus protected from excessive, high-energy blue light. BLC® only absorbs the high-energy, short-wave content in the light spectrum (from 380 to 450 nm). The part that is important and useful for vision (from 450 nm upwards) , however, is let through.

Your benefits

  • Protects the eyes when using electronic devices
  • Reduces the content of short-wave blue light by 40%
  • The eyes have to make less of an effort
  • They retain their capabilities for longer
  • 100% UV protection
  • Reduces dazzle
  • Preserves the natural colour perception
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