Ophthalmic lens production:
Step by step to the perfect ophthalmic lens

The individual steps in the production of ophthalmic lenses are defined by both state-of-the-art technology as well as precision craftsmanship. MPO ophthalmic lenses are produced in Glücksburg, Germany, using the innovative freeform technology. The surface of the ophthalmic lens can thus be precisely adapted to the requirements of the wearer of the spectacles. This guarantees outstanding wearing comfort and maximum visual acuity.




01 Calculation

As soon as the order has been received by the optician, the ophthalmic lenses are calculated with the latest calculation methods (SMT 2.0©/NEO©) and assigned to the correct blank.

02 Blocking

A protective film is applied to the outer surface of the blank.
A block piece is fixed to this.

03 Milling

In a CNC-controlled work process, the customer parameters are transferred to the ophthalmic lens.

04 Polishing

The ophthalmic lens is then polished, whereby particular attention is paid to preserving the design character.

05 Engraving

The ophthalmic lens is given the MPO seal of quality and the product-related data using UV laser.

06 Blocking off / cleaning

The ophthalmic lens is separated from the block and cleaned in a brush washing system.

07 Check

The lens is subject to a thorough aspect check by the examining eyes of the employees and the measurement values are checked fully automatically with state-of-the-art measurement technology.

08 Tinting (optional)

If the lens is to be given another colour at the customer’s request, it is now dipped in various tinting basins.

09 Ultrasound cleaning / hard layer

The lens is thoroughly cleaned using ultrasound and then coated in a dip with a hard layer adapted to the lens index

10 Finish

In a special vacuum vaporisation system, the lens is given a high-quality, reflection-reducing finish – for instance, our Protect finish.

11 Quality assurance / final check

Experienced employees then check the surface quality.
The lens effect, the design and the micro engraving are checked with state-of-the-art measuring machines and the individual stamp image applied.

12 Grinding (optional)

As a special service, the ophthalmic lenses can be ground into the frame in the company’s own workshop and delivered to the optician as a complete pair of spectacles.

13 Dispatch

The MPO ophthalmic lenses are sent to the optician.

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