The production of high-quality ophthalmic lenses is a symbiosis of technology and craftsmanship. The latest technologies ensure that the individual parameters of the spectacles wearers are taken into optimum consideration. Coupled with the understanding for the product through the decades of experience of the employees at Schulz Optische Fabrik, this provides the ideal basis for the production of the perfect ophthalmic lens.

MPO® ophthalmic lenses are produced with a number of different, innovative technologies.

Spline Monitoring Technology SMT Icon


The Spline Monitoring Technology® (SMT®) is a calculation method that divides the elementary glass structure into micro elements. The digital grid technology determines the ideal ophthalmic lens surface with the fewest depiction errors. Even more harmonious transitions can be created between the vision zones with the special calculation method. The transitions between the areas of vision are barely perceptible. This innovative technology is used in the production of the MPO® LIFE progressive lens.

Neuro Eye Optimisation Icon


Die Neuro Eye Optimisation® (NEO®) is an innovative mathematical calculation. Scientific insights from optics and neurology are combined with the research results from our study and the visual acuity required pursuant to the respective prescription. This creates an entirely individual ophthalmic lens that takes into account the experience of wearers of spectacles for the first time. This guarantees an optimum visual feeling from the first minute. NEO® is used in the MPO® LIFE progressive lens.

Combined Rotation Formula Icon


Die Combined Rotation Formula® (CRF®)is a unique, innovative procedure that brings together the convergence with the actual visual acuity. The close-up range is ideally positioned based on different, individual parameters. For this purpose, the indivdual characteristics of the spectacles wearer rather than any statistical figures are used. This unique calculation method is used for the MPO® LIFE progressive lens and ensures that the close-up range is placed at exactly the right position.

Navigation System Technology


Die Navigation System Technology® (NST®)simulates the corresponding wearing situation, taking into account the individual parameter points of the customer, and determines the ophthalmic lens surface with the fewest depiction errors. Different values are calculated point for point with each order. This guarantees maximum clarity, absolute spontaneous compatibility and impressively sharp contrast. NST® is used with MPO® PERFECT, MPO® EASY and MPO® ACTIVE.